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Fire Damage & Smoke Removal

Fire Damage & Smoke Removal. How Can We Help?

With the resources, equipment and expertise the Restoration Force team can restore your home promptly.

Fire damage can be devastating and requires immediate action to secure your property or business to prevent any possible secondary damage. Once the property has been secured, our team begin restoring your property exploring all the different types of fire damage removal (including smoke, heat, odour, soot and removal/storage).

The Restoration Force team provide a highly professional level of restoration work ensuring all damage is controlled whilst reclaiming the property and all distinctive features within it. Throughout this we continue to work closely with yourself to meet all of your needs and requirements, restoring your home or building back to a safe environment.

Odour Removal

Fire damage leaves behind a devastating aftermath and odour is one of them. Odour associated with fire and smoke damage contaminates your homes/building and requires a range of specialised procedures and teams to refresh and deodorise your building. Our specialist team are well experienced in dealing with odour damage, they present tailored solutions to meet your needs.

To remove your buildings odour damage, we start by removing any source, clean all affected surfaces then start recreating conditions with an appropriate neutraliser, sealing all restorable surfaces as necessary.

Removal and Storage

Whilst restoring your building to its original state after any fire damage there may be a requirement to remove possessions. Here at restoration force we provide a highly trained and security vetted team to assist in the safe packing and removal of your possessions.

We provide a secure storage point for long term storage needs. The team provides a full inventory service and offer a range of options for example temperature-controlled areas for valuable items such as art and antiques.

Smoke Removal

Because of the unique changes and circumstances of each smoke removal project, our team of trained specialists follow the highest International standards of care to ensure our protocols and procedures are of the highest quality ensuring the best results for your building restoration. Our team follow five general principles throughout our remediation processes. All of these steps are supported and carried out following rigorous testing and protocols.

Document the conditions and work processes
Provide for the health and safety of workers and occupants
Site engineering controls to prevent the spread of soot particles during works
Soot residue removal
Confirmation testing of material cleanliness

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