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Leak Detection and Leak Repair

Leaks. How Can We Help?

Restoration Force understand that suffering a leak in your home can be distressing. We help detect and resolve leaks accurately and quickly.

At Restoration Force, our team understands that suffering a water pipe leak in your home can be extremely distressing, expensive and disruptive. With recent advances in technology our leak detection service team provides a non-destructive solution to finding hidden leaks. Whether you can smell mould, are losing boiler pressure or spot a damp patch the Restoration Force team can detect the leak and restore your home as quickly as possible.

We utilise specialist equipment together with our team’s technical expertise to locate any hidden leaks confining the damage, saving you both time and money.

Leak Detection and Leak Repair

Methods & Systems

We control your water damage by using effective drying solutions throughout the total recovery process. By our experience team selecting the most suitable technique we ensure that all damage is contained and resolved within an effective time scale.


Using the principle of sound trough sensitive microphones, leaks are accurately detected. This is successful through pipe mapping and ground sound profiling. Acoustic detection is used on pressurised pipe work, mains supplies and heating pipes only. Our methods can test to a depth of up the three metres through most services including tarmac, wood and concrete.

Tracer Gas

A safe combination of gas is used where leaks are difficult to locate for example in long sections of pipeline. Our team pressurised and added into the pipe suspected, the leak is then detected above ground by using industry hydrogen sensitive probes.


The endoscope is a specialist viewing tool typically used in places leaks are suspected where the naked eye can’t see. This system is mainly used within cavity inspections etc. Our team can attach a camera to the tool to achieve taking photos.


The thermal imaging camera is typically used by teams to investigate and detect leaks within heating pipes. The camera works by monitoring differentials defining heat patterns through various materials in your building.

Water and Salts Analysis

The Restoration Force team can perform and obtain results by testing samples of water within the same day to 48hrs if further analysis is required. Generally, these tests are performed by our team to determine the water source of your leak, whether an internal water source or ground or wastewater potentially containing harmful substances.

Leak Repair

Our team provide expert engineers to expose your leak sites and carry out repairs. We can closely match any of your existing finishes reducing costs and minimising further impact of leaks.

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