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Mould Remediation

Mould Remediation. How Can We Help?

Our team handle all phases of mould remediation, controlling and preventing and further damage to your home and health.

Mould and microbial growth in water damaged homes and buildings can have a range of adverse health effects on occupants such as cardiovascular, immune or respiratory problems. Building materials such as plaster board and wallpaper are particularly prone to mould growth especially when damaged by any water. Water damage in a domestic or commercial property has the ideal conditions for mould to grow, however mould cannot always be prevented therefore fast remediation is needed to minimise the damage caused.

Remediation Process

Each mould remediation project is unique. Our professional team follow all UK and international standards of care during your renovation ensuring all protocols and procedures are carried out to the highest quality and standard, supported by rigorous testing.

Stages within the remediation process include:

The documentation of conditions and work processes
Health and Safety of workers and occupants
Mould contamination control
Mould Removal
Contamination prevention

Microbial Testing

Mould growth on buildings and materials can be identified by appearance, textures and characteristic colours. Our remediation team use specialist analytical tools to test surfaces and bulk materials for mould contamination on site, calculating levels of mould growth on a range of building materials and surfaces as well as the indoor environment. The team focus on measuring spores and fungal particles to give you the most thorough results and findings.

Remediation Completion

After our team have completed the restoration process, they carry out a final surface and air cleanliness test, this ensures the reduction of mould and spore contamination providing detailed prevention advice alongside certification and documentation of completion for your own piece of mind.

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